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2nd July 2024
Start the month off right with Total Results. Check out the new deals to help speed up your operations!  If you haven’t already checked out our Grinder Series on YouTube, the team are testing and looking into machinery evolution and seeing how each compare against the other!Read more
30th May 2024
We've got a lot in the WORX this month!>
7th May 2024
It's absolute MAYHEM at WORX+, with seminars, podcasts, all-new May deals and the end of the financial year just around the corner, it's full steam ahead t>
28th March 2024
Big things are happening this month at Worx+!>
29th February 2024
With a whole new line-up of seminar dates going live it’s the perfect time to take advantage and upskill yourself and your team.>
16th January 2024
Love is in the air at WORX+ this February, with fabulous deals to help level up your operations it’s hard not to fall in love! Stay tuned for all new seminar dates and locations!>