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9th November 2022
THE RACE IS NOT OVER! The horses may have retired for the year but the race to xmas is ON for contractors! Giddy-up! — there's new deals to help you CUT across the finish line quick. So turn up the heat and finish the year strong!    Read more
29th October 2021
The race is on to the end of 2021. There’s no better time to boost your business bottom line!>
1st October 2021
The big months are creeping up close and an easing of restrictions is on the horizon.  Stay proactive. Now’s the time to gear up and prep up. >
1st September 2021
Spring has sprung and with the rising temperatures, the flooring results we are seeing just seem to keep on getting hotter!>
3rd August 2021
In light of the recent lockdowns across Australia, we put together some general tips to help give contractors some confidence to continue working.>