Totally Repair

Totally Repair

FORMULA WORX TOTALLY REPAIR (TRPCG) is a high performance cementitious concrete and masonry patching compound, formulated specifically to fill holes, cracks & joints in concrete and masonry surfaces.  A fast-setting, non-shrink, high compressive strength filler.  Fine blend filler being polishable without the occurrence of “sand pull-out” or “heat swirling/burn marks”.

Compressive Strength:

  • 1 Day – 15-20MPa
  • 1 Week – 25-30Mpa
  • 1 Month – 30-35Mpa


  • Approx: 15kg/m2 at 6mm thickness.

  1. Mix dry powder with water to achieve consistent putty-like consistency.  (Don’t overmix!)
  2. If adding oxide for additional colour, do not exceed 4% ratio.
  3. Short reaction time. Mix what can be used within 10 minutes!
  4. Small test mix is recommended!


  1. Clean surface of all loose material prior to application.
  2. Moisten surface. For optimal results, prime all areas to be repaired with Totally Restore Regular liquid primer.
  3. Apply to surfaces using trowel, spatula, scraper or similar.
  4. Product can be ground/polished once dry.

(NB: Best results are achieved after curing 6-12hrs before grinding/polishing.)


  • TRPCG is alkaline – gloves should be used!
  • Remove any splashes from skin and eyes with clean water!
  • For more information see product SDS!




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