Totally Boost Lithium

Totally Boost Lithium

As part of the Formula Worx range of floor treatment products, TBL is a uniquely formulated lithium based concrete hardening & densifying agent. Surface harness can be improved dramatically within 24 hours, providing long term increases in strength, abrasion and stain resistance of concrete floors.

Essential for enhancing the appearance of mechanically polished concrete floors.


  • Hardening and densification of concrete floors.
  • Hardening and densification of concrete floors in conjunction with mechanical concrete polishing.
  • Micro-grouting of mechanically polished concrete floors.


Grind the surface to be treated to120 grit (or higher). The surface should be clean, free of debris and excess grout buildup.


Apply TBL to surface using a concrete sprayer. Apply liberally to surface avoiding pooling of product. Spread product across surface evenly using a microfiber applicator. Re apply until concrete no longer absorbs and allow to dry for 8 hours. Always wear appropriate eye and skin protection when applying TBP. Scrubbing in and/or washing excess product from the surface is not required. Apply and let dry.

Additional Information:

This product is irritating to skin and eyes. Ensure adequate eye and skin protection is worn at all times!